Despair to Glory: The Rev. Bea Lamonte Story (Paperback)

Despair to Glory: The Rev. Bea Lamonte Story (Paperback)

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SKU: 978-0-578-14255-5


Paperback: 64 pages
Authors: Rev. Beatrice Lamonte, Leah Lamonte & Hazel Palmer
Publisher: Grace Ministries International, Inc. (May 2014)
ISBN: 978-0-578-14255-5

    In 1920, history was made in the United States when the 19th Amendment to the Constitution was passed giving women the right to vote. That same year, 4-year-old Beatrice rode from the family farm in a horse and buggy to begin Sunday School for the first time.

    In the midst of a happy life, tragedy struck just three years later when Beatrice’s sister suddenly died. However, God would soon come calling with a plan and purpose bigger than this little girl could ever imagine.

    When Beatrice stared death in the face the next time, the face looking back was her own. Ironically, the nine-month battle for her life was preparation for the next seventy years of laying her life down for God and His people. What began with a deadly disease ended with a divine intervention that changed her destiny.

    Are you facing something that looks impossible? Has your physician given up on you? Are you desperate to be healed? Do you feel like there is more to this life than what you have experienced? This story of healing explores answers in the midst of difficulty as you follow one woman’s journey from the depths of despair to the glory of a new life in Jesus Christ.

    Today, Rev. Beatrice Lamonte is 97 years young, full of life and wisdom, and is still pointing hearts and minds of those around her to Jesus. Sister Bea, as she is lovingly known by many, has been called a “Mother of the Faith” and a “General in God’s Army” (Tribune Review, Dec. 19, 2009). She has pastored for over 60 year and travels nationally and internationally giving her message on daily empowerment in the Holy Ghost and living life to the fullest, thanks to the healing power of Jesus Christ. Her zeal and fervor stem from the early years she lay dying of tuberculosis.